Zero Tolerance Approved Products



Use of Zero Tolerance's certified products
will ensure that your farm will maintain its electrically noise-free environment.

Our proficiency in mitigating stray voltage encompasses a comprehensive farm-orientated strategy aimed at mitigating factors that are a barrier to optimized productivity and animal health.

Stray voltage and electrical noise can be challenging problems to fix. Electrical noise often goes unnoticed until it is too late. Fixing these problems is much easier if Zero Tolerance has approved the electrical components that you use on your farm. There are no shortcuts to developing and maintaining high-quality and noise-free environments for livestock. The first step is to use only tested and approved Zero Tolerance components.

Fans and Environmental Controls

Opt for Zero Tolerance-approved fan and environmental control products to avoid any electrical noise problems the ventilation system could cause on your farm. These products have undergone extensive testing and have proven not to introduce stray voltage. Use them to avoid costly diagnostic efforts and manage your farm with peace of mind. Zero Tolerance’s ventilation control solution is adaptable to the ever-changing demands of the dairy industry. This solution has a scalable range from flexible facility management and ventilation control systems along with a host of sensors and connectivity options. This solution integrates environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, ammonia, CO2, light, rain, windspeed, and static pressure sensing for one fan or the entire system.  Additionally, fan controls can improve efficiency and increase productivity for both new and existing facilities. Connectivity and an advanced feature set include IoT and web services; these support Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities for equipment management with analytics and alarms sent via email or SMS text messages. Remote diagnostics can also diagnose and alert any ventilation issue at any time of the day. Ventilation is one of the most talked about area on every farm when it comes to stray voltage and noise…. Vfds are among the top of that list.  With zero tolerance approved ventilation systems we not only bring you tested products for the farm we bring the top companies in the industry to you.  The ventilation systems are becoming more and more sophisticated and with this comes more and more issues to a farm unless addressed properly.  We work closely with our partners to ensure they are bringing you the best products and not sacrificing animal welfare because of it.

Lighting and Controls

At Zero Tolerance, we understand the importance of providing reliable and efficient lighting solutions that not only meet your needs but also help to improve your bottom line.  Notably, the LED lighting systems operate on separate electrical chains, ensuring a clean and noise-free environment. There are so many innovations in lighting year after year our partners ensure not only are we are using the top technology we are also constantly testing new and coming options to give the farm options that are more efficient. Our partners are as dedicated to clean products as we are. Zero Tolerance Approved lighting systems have been rigorously tested and proven to be one of the cleanest lights on the market today.  By way of this rigorous testing, when stray voltage or electrical issues arise, you have confidence that the lights aren’t the root source of the problem, significantly reducing the time for testing and diagnosis. Integrated Bluetooth-enabled controls eliminate the need for extra wiring, facilitating seamless nighttime simulation and creating a captivating moonlight ambiance while precisely regulating long-day lighting practices to enhance animal well-being and performance. Additionally, our scheduling feature ensures that optimal lighting conditions for animal agriculture are not only followed but precisely controlled in the system daily, further optimizing animal health and operational efficiency.

VFD Drives

Simplified Farm Operations and Dairy Pumping Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) or also call variable speed drives, by Zero Tolerance Introducing two groundbreaking drive solutions by Zero Tolerance VFDs for Simplified Farm Operations and The Zero Tolerance VFDs for Dairy Pumping Systems! These cutting-edge solutions harnessed from advanced technology under a strategic branding agreement. Designed with the efficiency and precision demanded by modern farming, the Zero Tolerance VFD Drives draw inspiration from renowned technology, offering a tailored approach for optimal performance. Leveraging innovative features and a robust design, this drive ensures seamless integration into various farm systems, including milking parlors, water pumping, and manure systems.
  • Zero Tolerance VFD for Simplified Farm Operations is general purpose solution for provided the optimal control of pumps and fans. This innovative solution maximizes energy efficiency across essential farm functions. By carefully selecting each component and by following our prescribed installation guidelines, we can guarantee overall power quality, with a deliberate focus on.
  • Zero Tolerance VFD for Dairy Pumping Systems sets an industry benchmark, preventing cavitation for superior product quality and unparalleled energy savings.
Both drives embody our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and excellence in modern farming practices, propelling agriculture into a future defined by technological advancement and sustainability while preventing the introduction of any additional electrical noise or stray voltage. By incorporating the Zero Tolerance VFD Drives, farms benefit from enhanced energy efficiency, reduced electrical noise, and improved operational control. This solution represents a commitment to elevating dairy electrical standards, ushering in a new era of sustainable and efficient farm management.

Current Defense, the authorized distributor of Zero Tolerance approved products, delivers advanced electrical solutions to the agricultural industry.

Stray voltage and electrical noise can be challenging problems to mitigate and often go unnoticed until it is too late.

There are no shortcuts to developing and maintaining high-quality and noise-free environments for livestock.

Fixing is much easier if Zero Tolerance has approved the electrical components that you use on your farm.

The first step is to use only Zero Tolerance Approved components for your:

  • Environmental and Ventilation systems
  • Lights and controls
  • Variable Frequency Drives


Whether as part of a retrofit or new designs to enhance the productivity and efficiency in your agricultural operations.

Illuminating Excellence for Over 70 Years

Jademar Lighting’s dedication to crafting top-tier lighting products is second to none. With an unwavering emphasis on electrically clean and future-ready solutions, Jademar aligns seamlessly with Zero Tolerance’s vision for livestock innovation. Their integration of Bluetooth controls into their products signifies a bold step forward, ensuring that farmers have unfettered access to cutting-edge technology for optimal farm management. By eliminating the need for extra wiring, Jademar’s solutions facilitate seamless nighttime simulation and create a captivating moonlight ambiance, all while precisely regulating long-day lighting practices to enhance animal well-being and increase profitability for the farm.

Experience the future of livestock lighting and control technology with Zero Tolerance and Jademar Lighting. Together, we illuminate the path towards a brighter, more efficient livestock future.

Phason Ventilation systems have undergone rigorous testing, establishing them as one of the cleanest Facility Management and Ventilation Control Systems available today. Through this comprehensive testing process, you can trust that when stray voltage or electrical issues occur, the fans are not the root source of the problem. This assurance significantly reduces the time required for testing and diagnosis.

Phason’s flexible facility management and ventilation control systems can accommodate a vast array of monitoring and environmental control sensors, including temperature, humidity, ammonia, CO2, wind speed, and static pressure. Their IoT and web services over Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks provide complete system visibility, centralized management, and remote alerts via email or SMS text messages. All this helps keep your system operations running smoothly.

4D Ag World, a distinguished company in the fan industry, further strengthens our capabilities in optimizing ventilation systems. Through this collaboration, we harness advanced fan control technologies to create an environment that promotes optimal livestock conditions. Together with our partners, Zero Tolerance continues to drive innovation in farm electrification, offering comprehensive solutions to address the unique challenges faced by the agricultural industry.

Zero Tolerance integrates top-tier technology partners to deliver cutting-edge solutions for farm electrification. Among our key collaborators is ABB, a renowned leader in variable frequency drive (VFD) technology. The ABB VFD, a pivotal component in our solutions, offers precision control over electrical systems, optimizing efficiency and reducing energy consumption. This partnership ensures that our electrification solutions meet the highest industry standards, delivering robust and reliable performance to enhance the overall productivity of agricultural operations.